2008, objects, porcelain (industrial forms), gold, lustre

Resuscitation of waste is an alternative to porcelain industrial rubbish, which, mostly end their lives as an ingredients of asphalt. More nobly solution is to restore the original function to these products. Defects as chips and cracks have been glazed again (in case of safe usage), and then coloured with gold and lustres.



2008, obiects, porcelain (industrial forms), bagged tea, glue, 8 x 7 x 10 cm

It would be hard to drink from this mug, but to look through it on the sky and boost self imagination – why not?! The tea can also be an inspiration.



2008, object, porcelain (industrial forms), plastic, ca. 15 x 20 x 16 cm

‘Not a word did plates say.
No answers did they betray.
They gave me no aid.
Must a plate be put or laid?
Has there been any rule made
That should always be obeyed?’
an excerpt from Jana Brzechwa’s poem 'Talerz'



2007, objects, jars, porcelain

Thanks to the juxtaposition of the common jar with a metal lid (imitating the colour of gold) and the handles made from precious porcelain (sometimes ornamented with gold), the result is a hybrid. The porcelain elements are parts of tureens, sugar bowls, jugs and containers – all from industrial by-products, rejected in production due to flaws that did not comply with quality standards.



2007, objects, porcelain (industrial forms), decal

REplate and REcup is a series of plates, bowls, cups and mugs originally meant for scrapping as porcelain cullet because of minor technological flaws (deformations, cracks, scratches, discolouring, etc). The ornamentation is made from ceramic decal: colour samplers and fragments of text information. It gives the products a unique look, but more importantly – addresses the issue of recycling from a number of perspectives, thus raising environmental awareness. On the one hand, it is a suggestion how to re-use industrial waste accumulated in abundance and to see its creative potential. On the other hand, it helps sensitize consumers to the problem of “waste” in our culture and generally makes us reflect on the direction in which our modern-day consumerism is going.

In this project, the flaws (from the industrial point of view) become advantages and turn into essential elements of decoration. The careful viewer will notice that they contain wordplay, irony, absurdity, provocation, perversity...



2007, jewellery, porcelain (industrial forms), silver

Porcelain factory workers reject dozens of moulded elements a day due to minor flaws or production surplus. Usually, the rejects are then processed again. An interesting alternative is using such objects (in their early production stages) to make jewellery which requires minimum processing.


Czarka (do) herbaty

2007, object, porcelain (industrial forms), tea leaves, 8 x 18 x 18 cm

The firmly merged leaves deceitfully imitate a tea cup. The saucer is cast from porcelain in a plaster mould originally used to form cup handles.