Karina Marusinska, born September 19, 1983 in Piotrkow Trybunalski

Employment since 2010: The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass, 2nd Studio of Functional Ceramics Design, diploma – awarding (prof. Miroslaw Kocinski).


2013-2014 International Post-Graduate Course „Kaolin” Art and Design in Contemporary Ceramics – ENSA Limoges (France), Jingdezhen (China)
2009-2010 Postgraduate Studies in Design Management, School of Economics, Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw (Poland)
2003-2008 Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Department of Ceramics and Glass, Ceramics Design (Poland)
2007 European Institute of Ceramic Arts in Guebwiller (France)
2006-2007 University of Pais Vasco Bilbao (Spain)
1998-2003 National School of Arts in Kielce (Poland)

since 2014 Food Think Tank Foundation
2012-2017 The Young Scientists and Artists Academy
2008-2012 Salutary Producers of Beauty Association
2007-2013 Grawiton: Association for Supporting Youth Artists

2021 President of Wroclaw Art Scholarship (Poland)
2016 Scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists (Poland)

2012 Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland 'Mloda Polska'
2010 Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland
2010 Art Scholarship of the Governor of Wroclaw (Poland)
2008 Art Scholarship of the Governor of Lodz (Poland)
2007 President of Wroclaw Scholarship in faculty of culture and art (Poland)
2006 Wroclaw City Hall Art Scholarship (Poland)
2004-2007 Scholar Scholarship, AFA Wroclaw (Poland)
2004-2008 Motivational Scholarship, Belchatow District (Poland)
2004 Art Scholarship of Belchatow District (Poland)
2002-2009 President of Bełchatów City Art Scholarship Prize (Poland)

Prizes and honourable mentions (selected):
2016 Prize Art Review 'Survival 14' – Wroclaw (Poland)
2016 'Warto' Prize – Wroclaw (Poland)
2014 Rector's Award – The E. Geppert Acdemy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland)
2013 Appointment to 'Warto' Prize – Wroclaw (Poland)
2011 'Must Have' Plebiscite Award, Lodz Design (Poland)
2011 'Talent Trojki' (The Talent of Trojka Radio Station) Award in the category of Visual Arts
2009 Appointment to 'Machina Design Awards' (Poland)
2009 The special award in 'Make me!' contest, Lodz Design (Poland)
2009 Third place in 'New Folk Design' contest – Stara Drukarnia, Poznan (Poland)
2008 Honourable mention in 'Innovative Idea' contest for an idea for connecting art with business – University of Lodz (Poland)
2008 Appointment to the title 'Conversion of the Year', recycling festival 'Przetwory 3' – Warsaw (Poland)
2008 Honourable mention in Industrial Design Competition 'Project Arting' – Galeria Bielska BWA (Poland)

Individual exhibitions (selected):
2017 'Stones that cry' – The Archaeology Museum, The City Arsenal, Wrocław (Poland)
2017 'What The Eye Doesn’t Know' – Modern Art Gallery Mieszkanie Gepperta, Wroclaw (Poland)
2017 'Silence' – Schaufenstergalerie Scharf, Graz (Austria)
2017 'What The Eye Doesn’t Know' – Centrala Art Gallery, Birmingham (UK)

2016-2017 'A Part For The Whole' – BWA Glass and Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw (Poland)

2015 'Zmiany' – Modern Art Gallery MD_S, Wroclaw (Poland)
2012 'Sfera prywatna' – Modern Art Gallery Mieszkanie Gepperta, Wroclaw (Poland)
2011 'Between' – Zero Gallery, Berlin (Germany)
2010 'Between' – BWA Glass and Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw (Poland)

Exhibitions, festivals, contests (selected):
2023 Art Review 'Survival 21', Museum in the Underground – Wrocław (Poland)
2023 'Dinner in the dark', Food Think Tank – Nomus, Branch of The National Museum in Gdańsk (Poland)
2023 The World’s Most Beautiful Business Festival 'The Dream', Food Think Tank – Quinta da Bella Vista, Sintra (Portugal)
2023 'Looking Through Objects. Women in Contemporary Polish Design' – Nomus, Branch of The National Museum in Gdańsk (Poland)
2023 'Fungible Content', XX WRO Media Art Biennale – MiserArt, Wrocław (Poland)
2022 'It’s Me Who Paints!’ – Modern Art Gallery Mieszkanie Gepperta, Wroclaw (Poland)
2022 'Mother earth’ – BWA Design, Wrocław (Poland)
2022 'Looking Through Objects. Women in Contemporary Polish Design' – Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallin (Estonia)
2022 'Nie!pokój', Łódź Design Festival – Academic Design Center, Łódź (Poland)
2021 'Mission: Impossible’ – Geppart Gallery, Wrocław (Poland)
2021 'Cross-currents / Pomiędzy’ – Sztuka na Miejscu, Wrocław (Poland)
2021 'GlassGo!’, city game BWA SiC! – Wrocław (Poland)
2021 'The Work of Fire', 13. Festival of High Temperatures – Neon Gallery, Wrocław (Poland)

2021 'Wzorowa 21' – Kunstmatrix
2020-2021 'You will never walk alone' – Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin (Poland) and online exhibition
2020 'Upanishady' online exhibition – ODA Piotrków Tryb. (Poland)
2020 'Kingdom' – SIC! BWA Wrocław (Poland)
2019-2020 'Wystawa Wzorowa' – Entropia Gallery, Wrocław (Poland)
2019 'Let’s Talk About Modernity' – Jam Factory Art Center, Lviv (Ukraine)
2019 'On/Off', WRO on Tour, IV Festival of Audiovisual Art Tetramatyka – Museum of Ethnography and Art Crafts, Lviv (Ukraine)
2019 'Art Review 'Survival 17' – Wrocław (Poland)
2019 'Now' – Science and Art Centre Former Mine, Wałbrzych (Poland)

2019 'Human Aspect', XVIII WRO Media Art Biennale – Bakery, Wrocław (Poland)
2019 'Trip' – BWA Wrocław Główny gallery (Poland)
2018 'Para. Ceramics. Prints' – Lazne, Liberec Regional Gallery (Czech Republic) 
2018 'Homage to Beauty', Prague International Design Festival Designblok – Art House Lapidarium of the Prague National Museum (Czech Republic)

2018 'Opus duarum: The Wroclaw School of Ceramics. The Wroclaw School of Printmaking' – Titanikas Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2018 'Art Review 'Survival 16' – The Wallenberg-Pachaly palace, Wroclaw (Poland)
2018 'Porcelain Aristocracy', Krehky Mikulov Festival of Art Design in Central Europe – Mikulov Castle (Czech Republic)
2018 'What Food Think Tank is doing here?!', Lodz Design Festival – OFF Gallery, Lodz (Poland)
2018 'The Other Side of Things. Polish Design after 1989' – National Museum in Krakow (Poland)
2018 'Talente' International Skilled Trades Fair – Munich (Germany)

2017 '24H Brl/Wro' – Wrocław (Poland)

2017 'Poland: For Canada, With Love' – Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa (Canada)

2017 '3D – der, die, das' – Schloss Konigshain (Germany)
2017 'The root – case study', Food Think Tank – Wroclaw (Poland)
2017 'Polish Design. Tomorrow is Today', Salone del Mobile – Superstudio PIU, Milano (Italy)

2017 'The Logic of the Local. Norwegian and Polish Contemporary Design' – Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum Trondheim (Norway)

2016 'The Logic of the Local. Norwegian and Polish Contemporary Design' – International Cultural Centre, Krakow (Poland)

2016 'Moderna. Industry + Craft' – Polish Institute, Sofia (Bulgaria)
2016 'Moderna. Industry + Craft' – Concordia Design, Poznan (Poland)
2016 'Solstice', Hallo Wroclaw 2016! – Faur Zsofi Galeria, Panel Contemporary, Budapest (Hungary)
2016 'Design Dialogue: Poland Brazil' – Museu Nacional do Conjunto Cultural da Republica in Brasilia (Brazil)
2016 European Triennial for Ceramics and Glass – Grand Hall of the Anciens Abattoirs of the City of Mons (Belgium)
2016 'Młodzi w Muzeum. Poziom Najwyższy' – The National Museum, Wroclaw (Poland)
2016 'Kunstzug' – Runde Ecke, Dresden (Germany)

2016 'Phantom' – BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice (Poland)

2016 'Design Dialogue: Poland Brazil' – Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
2016 Art Review 'Survival 14' – Lathing Machines Factory, Wroclaw (Poland)
2016 'Moderna. Industry + Craft' – Lublin Design Institute (Poland)
2016 'Pragmatism and Beauty', XXI Triennale International Exhibition – Milano (Italy)
2016 'Ceramics and Glass. Sensual Areas' – The City Museum of Wroclaw Arsenal (Poland)
2015 'System error', Hallo Wroclaw 2016! – Casa Matei Galerie, Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

2015 'Forest – Installation', Food Think Tank – Wroclaw (Poland)
2015 'Moderna. Industry + Craft', III Design Days – KUL, Stalowa Wola (Poland)
2015 'Transdesign' – Lazne, Oblastni Galerie Liberec (Czech Republic)
2015 'What goes behind… Contemporary Polish Ceramic Design', London Design Festival – Tent London (UK)
2015 'Moderna', Helsinki Design Week – Helsinki (Finland)
2015 Art Review 'Survival 13' – Riot Police Barracs, Wroclaw (Poland)

2015 'In.Stability' – Institute of Design Kielce (Poland)
2015 'Hug' project, Bridges program, Wroclaw – European Capital of Culture 2016 (Poland)

2015 'Recipe for small design', Zukunftsvisionen Festival – Goerlitz (Germany)
2015 '(Nie) dotykaj! Haptyczne aspekty sztuki polskiej po 1945 roku' – Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun (Poland)
2015 'Błądzić jest rzeczą' – Institute of Design Kielce (Poland)
2015 'Remarquer la porcelaine' – Center Of Applied Arts. Center of Innovation, ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2014-2015 'Earth and Water', Food Think Tank; exhibition BWA Design, Wroclaw (Poland)
2014 'Polished Up. Design from Poland' – Institute of Design Kielce (Poland)
2014 'What goes  behind… Contemporary Polish Ceramic Design', Inno Design Tech Expo – Hong Kong (China)
2014 'Connecting. Design from Poland', Polska in Between, 2. Istanbul Design Biennial – Istambul (Turkey)
2014 'Forest and Meadow' – Designgalleriet, Stockholm (Sweden)
2014 'Błądzić jest rzeczą' – BWA Design, Wroclaw (Poland)
2014 'Polished Up. Design from Poland', Design Days – Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola (Poland)
2014 'Swinging Imagination' – Musee du Four des Casseaux, Limoges (France)
2014 'Orchard and Fire', Food Think Tank – Wroclaw (Poland)
2014 'Błądzić jest rzeczą' – BWA Zielona Gora (Poland)
2014 'What has remained', Hallo Wroclaw 2016! – Polish Cultural Institute, Galerie Trafacka, Prague (Czech Republic)
2014 'Idea and Material' – Andels Hotel, Lodz (Poland)
2014 'Polished Up', IMM Cologne (Germany)
2013 'Bladzic jest rzecza' ArtFest Festival – BWA Tarnow (Poland)
2013 'Przepis na maly dizajn' – BWA Design, Wroclaw (Poland)
2013 'The Young Wroclaw Glass and Ceramics' – Vojtech Loffler Museum, Kosice (Slovakia)
2013 'Areas and curves', Academia Europaea – Wroclaw Congress Center, Centennial Hall (Poland)
2013 'Forest and meadow', Design Trade – Bella Center, Copenhagen (Denmark)
2013 'Un-polished 16. Young design from Poland' – Lviv National Academy of Arts (Ukraine)
2013 'What’s for breakfast? Design from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia & Georgia' – Writers’ House of Georgia, Tbilisi (Georgia)
2013 'Kaolin” – JCI, Jingdezhen (China)
2013 'Polska Folk', Sofia Design Days – Muzeul Taranului Roman, Bucharest (Romania)
2013 'Od pomysłu do przemysłu', Wroclove Design Festival – Centennial Hall, Wroclaw and Legnicki Park Technologiczny Letia (Poland)
2013 'Everything Forever Now' – MOCAK, Krakow (Poland)
2013 'Wroclaw - Trzy Wymiary' – Centre of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko (Poland)
2012 'Common Roots' – Design Museum Holon (Israel)
2012 'Space between us' – Rathaus, Kunsthaus, Wiesbaden (Germany)
2012 'Cudowne Miejsce', Hallo Wrocław 2016! – Galleria Cvernovka, Bratislava (Slovakia)
2012 'Un-polished 15' – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (Romania)
2012 'Slow Design', Budapest Design Week – Budapest (Hungary)
2012 'Un-polished 14' – Korea Foundation Cultural Center Gallery, Seoul (Korea)
2012 Art Review 'Survival 10' – Olawka Stadium, Wroclaw (Poland)
2012 'Raz na kolorowo!' – Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Czestochowa (Poland)
2012 'Must Have From Poland', Milan Design Week, Ventura Lambrate – Milan (Italy)
2012 'Porcelain Another Way' – Magazyn Praga, Warsaw (Poland)
2012 'Un-polished 13' – Centre Meridional de I'Architecture et de la Ville, Tulouse (France)
2012 'Un-polished 12', Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 – Design Museum Helsinki (Finland)
2012 'Design with a Conscious', Stockholm Design Week – Pop Up Store, NK, Stockholm (Sweden)
2012 'Light and matter' – Karkonose Museum, Jelenia Gora (Poland)
2011 'Designed in Poland' – Palau Moja, Barcelona (Spain)
2011 'Un-polished 11', Inno Design Tech Expo – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (China)
2011 'Un-polished 10' – Centar za dizajn Hrvatske Gospodarske Komore, Zagreb (Croatia)
2011 Design Auction, Lodz Design (Poland)
2011 'Un-polished 9', Polish Design Week – Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest (Hungary)
2011 'Szkice obiektywne' – Museum of Photography, Goerlitz (Germany)
2011 'Etnoprojekt’ – Warsaw, Krakow, Minsk. Exhibition: BSD Gallery, Minsk (Belarus), Printing house Colours, Krakow (Poland), Duzy Pokoj workshop, Warsaw (Poland), SARP Gallery, Katowice (Poland)
2011 'Designed in Poland', Polish Design Week, Design Het – Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest (Hungary)
2011 'Un-polished (special edition)' Paris Design Week, Docks en Seine – Paris (France)
2011 'Movement and Meeting', Hallo Wroclaw 2016! – Goerlitz (Germany) 
2011 'Un-polished 8' – Museum fur Angewandte Kunst, Koln (Germany)
2011 'Etno-inspiracje' – National Museum, Gdansk (Poland)
2011 'Re.produkt 3' – Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw (Poland)
2011 'Projektowanie w dzialaniu. Projekt Wzorowy. Dizajn-Wawa', festival Sasiedzi 2.0 – Warsaw (Poland)
2011 'Un-polished 7', Designer's Day – Pavilion d'Asrenal, Paris (France)
2011 'Fashion Green Day', Fashion Week Poland – Lodz (Poland) 
2011 'Un-polished 6', Salone del Mobile – Mediolan (Italy) 
2011 'Life in 3D. Art in Terrarium' – BWA Olsztyn (Poland) 
2011 'Babski dizajn – meska sztuka' – Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice (Poland) 
2010 'Designed in Poland' – Museums Quartier, Wien (Austria) 
2010 'Ponderabilia. Curiosa' – Spot, Poznan (Poland) 
2010 'Polish design', Elle Decoration – Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (Poland) 
2010 'Make me!', Designers' Open Festival – Leipzig (Germany)
2010 'To join. To split', Hallo Wroclaw 2016! – Goerlitz (Germany) 
2010 'Argilla Italia', International Ceramics Fair – Faenza (Italy) 
2010 'Un-polished 4, 5', CODE – BC Design Center, Copenhagen (Denmark) 
2010 'Regions of ceramic. Alsace - Lower Silesia' –  Strasbourg (France) 
2010 'Art of Exhange' –  Phragmites Factory, Warsaw (Poland) 
2010 'Un-polished 3' – Museum Tuch und Technik, Neumunster (Germany)
2010 'Un-polished 2', DMY International Design Festival – Berlin (Germany)
2010 'Re.produkt 2', Gdynia Design Days – The Museum of the City of Gdynia (Poland)
2010 'Polska! folk' – PS2 Gallery, Belfast (Northern Ireland)
2010 Exhibition – Lamp harajuku, Tokyo (Japan)
2010 'Sens/ces' – Modern Art Gallery Mieszkanie Gepperta, Wroclaw (Poland)
2010 'Ponderabilia. Res momentariae' – Spot, Poznan (Poland)
2010 Messe Frankfurt, Ambiente, Talents – Frankfurt (Germany) 
2009 'Przetwory 4' recycling festival – Warsaw (Poland)
2009 'Dizajn=design' – Polnisches Institut Berlin (Germany) 
2009 'Natural Recourses of Polish Design', 'What is etnodesign?', Etnodesign Festival – Museum of Etnography, Cracow (Poland) 
2009 'Make me!', 'Upstream', 'Non object ive', Lodz Design Festival – Lodz Art Center (Poland) 
2009 'Shop', project 'Warsaw under Construction' – Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (Poland) 
2009 'Un-polished 1', Design September – Brussels (Belgium)
2009 Gdynia Design Days (Poland)
2009 'Design-Antydesign' – Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw (Poland)
2009 'Black and White. Young Polish Design' – Maxim Hotel, Tel Aviv (Israel)
2009 'Natural Recourses of Polish Design' – Regional Museum, Stalowa Wola (Poland)
2008 'Make me!', Lodz Festival Design – Lodz Art Center (Poland)
2007 'Artzept', Zepter International Design Award – Milan, Paris, Bucharest (Worldwide)
2007 Ceramics exhibition – Les Dominicains de Haute Alsace, Guebwiller (France)
2007 'Deutsch-Polnische Kunst' – Bad Raichenhall, Freilassing (Germany)
2006 'Pictures of Fire' – BWA Design, Wroclaw (Poland)
2006 Artistic action to promote Wroclaw during the General Assembly of the Bureau of International Expositions in Paris – initiative of the City Hall in Wroclaw (Poland)

Artist in Residence:
2017 Styria Artist in Residence – Graz (Austria)
2017 'Viewpoint' – Centrala Art Gallery, Birmingham (UK)
2011 'Shaping the New' – Kosice (Slovakia). Exhibitions: Kasarne, Kosice (Slovakia), B68, Chisinau (Moldova), Nador Galeria, Pecs (Hungary)

Symposia, plein-airs (selected):
2011 'Fenomen Gemer', Ceramics Symposium – Ozdany (Slovakia). Exhibitions: Rimavska Sobota (Slovakia), Kamenna sala, Bratislava (Slovakia), Umelecke Centrum Univerzity Palackeho, Olomouc (Czech Republic)
2010 46th International Sculpture and Ceramics Symposium – Boleslawiec. Exhibitions: International Center of Ceramics in Boleslawiec, Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw (Poland) 
2008 'Porcelain Another Way', XXXII International Symposia – Walbrzych. Exhibitions: BWA Gallery of Glass and Ceramics in Wroclaw, City Museum in Walbrzych (Poland) 
2007 'Deutsch-Polnische Kunst', International Symposia – Reichenhaller Akademie (Germany)
2006 'Wood Fired Ceramics', International Symposia and ceramic plein-air – Luboradow (Poland)

Organizational and popularisation activity (selected):    
2019 'Empty Bowls 2019', Festival of High Temperatures (organizer) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2018 'Empty Bowls 2018', Festival of High Temperatures (organizer) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2018 'What Food Think Tank is doing here?!', Lodz Design Festival (curator) – OFF Gallery, Lodz (Poland)
2017 'Empty Bowls 2017', Festival of High Temperatures (organizer) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2016 'Empty Bowls 2016', Festival of High Temperatures (organizer) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)

2016 'The Grande Bouffe' (project coordinator) – ASP Wroclaw, European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 (Poland)

2014 'Art Food 2014' (project coordinator) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)

2014 'Empty Bowls 2014', Festival of High Temperatures (organizer) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2014 'Swinging Imagination' (curator) – Musee du Four des Casseaux, Limoges (France)

2012 'Design laczy. Nowy wymiar komercjalizacji wiedzy' (project coordinator) – ASP Wroclaw, Centrum Design Kielce, Kielce Technology Park (Poland)
2010 'Other piont of viev. Architecture in your mind's eye' project for sightless people (organizer) – Leaders School, Wroclaw (Poland)
2006 'Grand Canyon of Art. Landscape of the Mine' symposia and art workshops (in cooperation with Aleksandra Idziak-Brown) – BOT KWB 'Belchatow' Lignite Mine. Exhibitions: AFA Museum in Wroclaw, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw, BOT KWB 'Belchatow' Lignite Mine, City Hall in Belchatow (Poland)

Educational activity:
2021 'Better tomorrow’, ceramics workshop – Institute of Design Kielce (Poland)
2021 'I was here’, a spatial walk with elements of field work for young people as part of the cycle 'OPopatrz, popatrz!', accompanying exhibition 'Angelika Markul. Time formula' – Op Enheim, Wrocław (Poland)
2020 'Waste – leftover', 'Empty Bowls', designd and ceramics workshops for kids, Open Art. Conveniences –ASP Wrocław (Poland)
2018-2019 'Alphabet of emotions', workshop, artistic interventions within the public space, 'Wroclaw – Backyard Door. Periphery' – ASP Wrocław (Poland)
2018 Summer Art & Design School, ceramics design workshop for Kyung Hee University students (Korea) – ASP Wrocław (Poland)
2018 'Double meaning', design workshop, 6th Jamboree of Young Cultural Researchers – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2017 Ceramics workshop – Food Think Tank, Wrocław (Poland)
2017 Ceramics workshop for families – Schloss Konigshain (Germany)

2017 'Plates, collages and tattoos', workshop for children – BWA Glass and Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw (Poland)

2017 '... jej możliwości właśnie się otwierają...' – Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (Poland)
2016 'marnowaNIE', Kids Design Space – Krzywy Komin, Wroclaw (Poland)
2013 'Excess and Lack. Responsible design in the area of: poverty, hunger / consumption, waste', interdisciplinary workshop, The Young Scientists and Artists Academy – Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (Poland)
2012-2013 Cycle of workshops within Wroclaw Eco-Development Foundation framework in Wroclaw 'Laboratorium Aktywnej EkoEdukacji': 'Chronie przyrode!' – Lokietka 5, 'Olbrzymy' – Community Centre Iskierka, 'Ptak nie-na-zaty' – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2013 (Wzorowo) 'Recipes for Life', workshops intergenerational – Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw (Poland) 
2012 'Confrontations at the table', Art and Design Practice Summer School, Kyung Hee University (Korea) – ASP Wroclaw (Poland)
2012 'Rzeczy porcelaNOWE', Design for Eweryone! – BWA Design, Wroclaw (Poland)
2012 (Wzorowo) 'Zmyslowo' – Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw (Poland)
2011 'Archeology of factory', Design Silesia – Porcelain Factory, Katowice (Poland)
2011 (Wzorowo) '70% container', Przemiany Festival – Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw (Poland)
2011 'W porzadku!’, Przydasie – Zamek Cieszyn (Poland)
2011 (Wzorowo) 'Domestication', Polka Lounge Festiwal, Salony Foundation – Zielona Gora (Poland)
2011 'Re-cykl-art', Eko Ofensywa – Wroclaw (Poland)
2009 (Wzorowo) 'Re.product' – Spot Foundation, Poznan (Poland)
2009 (Salutary Producers of Beauty Association) 'What do I see, when I hear it', 'Open Newspaper', 'Re-cykl-art', '1,2,3… the wall is watching' – Wroclaw (Poland)

Conferences, presentations (selected):
2021 Presentation of Contextual Ceramics Studio, Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw – Institute of Design Kielce (Poland)
2020 'Wytwórczo / Makingly' international online conference about new craft

2019 'Artysta obecny. Meeting with Karina Marusńska' – BWA Wrocław Główny gallery (Poland)
2018 'Art Lessons for Advanced – Art from behind the scenes' – Gallery of Photography, Swidnica (Poland)
2016 'From the Experiment to the Product' conference in the framework of the 'The Grande Bouffe' project of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 ('Food Think Tank - from experiment to next experiment') - Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland)
2015 'Fair Design 2015' International Conference on Design and Theory and Criticism ('Cultural Intervention in the Public Sphere through Hug: Articulating Social Exclusion' K. Marusinska, E. Sidorenko) – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland)
2015 'On the margin of society, i.e. the exclusion issue' ('Hug - cultural intervention in public space') – University of Wroclaw
2013 'Designers' adventures', Etno-projekt – The State Ethnographical Museum, Warsaw (Poland)
2013 Presentation of Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw and individual work – ENSA Limoges (France), JCI Jindezhen (China)
2012 'Actice Poetry: Polish Art in Public Space' ('Activity-Passivity: Luhuu! presentation') – Courlauld Institute of Art, London (UK)
2011 '2.0.11. Creative industries' ('Re-use of ceramic waste') – Museum of Municipal Engineering, Krakow (Poland)
2011 'Approaches and Tendencies in Ceramics' – Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw (Poland)
2010 'Ceramic: fields of creative acts' – Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw (Poland)

Works in collections:
National Museum in Warsaw (Poland)
National Museum in Wrocław (Poland)
National Museum in Cracow (Poland)
Krehky Gallery in Prague (Czech Republic)
The Zachęta Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts (Poland)
Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola (Poland)