A Part For The Whole

BWA Wrocław - 
Glass and Ceramics Gallery (Poland)
Curators: Dominika Drozdowska, Michał Grzegorzek
Architecture, graphics: Hubert Kielan 

catalogue [pdf]

Ancient orators used pars pro toto (a part for the whole) to replace names of objects, phenomena, concepts with their fragments. The figure was supposed to add emphasis to the issues they were describing. The Bible teaches: whoever has an ear, let them hear, even though we know that in order to hear we need more than one organ. Looking closely at fragments allows us to learn about the state of the whole organism.

We encourage you to look into the crevice, the black hole, the dirt that makes us look away.
We invite you to watch the ongoing processes taking place outside (and inside) us, and the celebration of what is left of them. Look at the structures, artefacts, diseases of objects whose ambition is to describe the whole world.

Brach-Czaina says: Those who explore the periphery and extract matter out of it represent the fearless society of affluence or, on the contrary, the utterly exhausted civilization looking for new borders. Marusińska’s ceramics is useless, unappetizing, deliberately repulsive. It resembles what we would secretly wish to dump, excrete, disengage from. We all know it – from laboratory photographs, tiny cameras inserted into body cavities, from flats. From caves, corridors and tunnels. From journeys to the centre of the Earth.

Michał Grzegorzek